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The Role of Lived Circumstances——A Dialogue with Artists


The Role of Lived Circumstances

——A Dialogue with Artists



Katja Schenker


       Katja Schenker, was born in St. Gallen in1968. She studied Comparative Literature, Art History and Philosophy at theUniversity of Zurich and at the Ecoles des Hautes Etudes in Paris. Schenkerlives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


Robert Zhao Renhui


       Singaporean visual artist Robert ZhaoRenhui (B. 1983) works mainly with photography and installation but oftenadopts a multidisciplinary approach by presenting images together withdocuments and objects.


Feng Boyi


       He is an independent curator, art critic andalso concurrently work as a researcher in the Institue of Sociology of SichuanAcademy of Fine Arts. Now live and work in Beijing.


       He served concurrently as the art director inthe He Xiangning Art Museum from 2007-2017 and won the “Annual Curator” for the12th ACC Art China in 2018.


       Since the late 1980s, Feng has devoted himself to curating, commenting,and editing contemporary Chinese art, paying attention to the marginal,alternative artists and groups, as well as the living state and artistic creation of the youngergeneration of artists, focusing on experimental andcritical contemporary art. He has written, and contributed to numerousarticles, theses and essays. He has curated many important exhibitions in Chinaand abroad. including “Traces of Existence: 1998 Chinese Contemporary Art StudyExhibition ”(Beijing), “Fuck Off 1 and Fuck Off 2”(Shanghai; Groninger Museum,Netherlands), “Reinterpretation: The First Guangzhou Triennial” (GuangdongMuseum of Art), “Right Hand, Left Hand: A Sino-German Exhibition ofContemporary Art” (798 Art District, Beijing), “A Vista of Perspectives: TheSixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition” (OCT Contemporary ArtTerminal, Shenzhen), “Surreptitious Substitutions: Post-Modern Methods inChinese Contemporary Art” (OCAT Art and Design Gallery), “The FourthCross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project” (He Xiangning Art Museum;Taipei Fine Arts Museum; Osage Gallery Kwan Tong; and Macau Museum of Art),“CAFAM Future: Sub-Phenomena - Report on the State of Young Chinese Art” (CAFAArt Museum, Beijing), “A New Dynasty - Created in China”(ARoS Aarhus ArtMuseum, Denmark), “Utopias/Heterotopia—Wuzhen International Contemporary ArtExhibition (Wuzhen, China) and “Xu Bing: Thought and Method”(UCCA, Beijing)


       Feng Boyi is one of the most active independent curators and critics inChina.


Wang luyan


       As one of the important participants in the30-year development of modern and contemporary Chinese art, Wang Luyanparticipated in the Stars Art Exhibition (星星画展) in 1979and the China Modern Art Exhibition (中国现代艺术展) in 1989. He collaborated with other artists to complete thetactile art of conceptual significance. Wang Luyan’s main individual worksrevolve around the relationship between things. The paradoxical context set byhis works denies the judgment that will inevitably come into being by thelatter interpretation. He abandoned the conclusive existence in his works, systematicallyand continuously constructing his "questioning vision". In recentyears, large-scale individual exhibitions have been held in South Korea,France, Italy, Beijing, Dandong and other countries and regions.


Zhong Gang


       Founder and editor in chief of ARTDBL1. Began hiscareer in media in 2005 and possesses working experience in XKB2, NanfangMetropolis Daily and SWeekly. In March 2015, ARTDBL was founded, a mediaplatform for contemporary art in Shenzhen. Following the principle of “rootedlocally and speaking independently”, ARTDBL has become the most influentialplatform for art reviews in the south of China. The initiator and planner for“Daily Connection and Art Philosophy: Art We Media Forum”, “ArtTalk3 Salon”,“Artists in the Field: A Look Inside4 the Factories of the Pearl River Delta”and “Bragadocious”5. Also as a commentator, his works are mainly published in NanfangMetropolis Daily, ARTDBL and Century, supplement of Ming Pao. In July 2019,Shenzhen Daze6, of which he is the chief editor, was published as the veryfirst book in the ARTDBL publication series.



Zhang Fan


       Zhang Fan, graduated from Wuhan Universityand University of Amsterdam. She has lots of experience working for differentart institutions and been involved in the planning and production of manyexhibitions in and out of China, such as Now is the Time — WuzhenInternational Contemporary Art Exhibition (Wuzhen, China), 2019; Utopias/Heterotopia—Wuzhen InternationalContemporary Art Exhibition (Wuzhen, China), 2016; Work, Rest and Play:British Photography from the 1960s to today, ( Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu),2015-2016; Design Edge: Inside/ Outside —OCT- Loft Creative Festival,2013; Ink Alchemy : The Experimental Ink of Gu Wenda, 2010.


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