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2018 | BBS——Private Art Museum The road to Development


2018 | BBS

——Private Art Museum The road to Development


Seminar poster


       In the lecture Hall of the Yalu River Art Museum, Mr. Huang Du presided over a symposium of directors of private art museums with a variety of topics and enlighten. The Yalu River Art Museum was honored to invite Gao Peng, Director of the Today Art Museum, Wang Lei, Executive director of the Parkview Museum of Singapore, Together with Ji Dahai, Director of the Yalu River Art Museum, the three private art museum exchanges.


Host Huang Du


Host Huang Du believes that the development of private art museums in China today has an extremely good side, which is relatively open, creative and relatively free and democratic management. However, under the influence of today's globalization, they also encounter numerous challenges and common puzzles in the development of art museums. These three private art museums in the south and the north, the core and the edge, have unique concepts and distinct positioning in both international and domestic.


Director of the Today Art Museum: Gao Peng

       Gao Peng, the director of the Today Art Museum, has been working in private art museums for eight years. Founded in 2002, the Today Art Museum continues to produce new knowledge, plan different exhibitions and organize more than 100 educational activities every year. The explorations and attempts of the Today Art Museum set a precedent for the standardized management of private art museums in China and provided a successful template for private art museums in China.


Today Art Museum


The bookstore of the Today Art Museum

       The main methods include the insurance of museum collections and exhibitions, the research and establishment of the Private Art Museum Foundation and the implementation of the council system. In particular, the multimedia project of the Today Art Museum and the introduction of Today's Future Museum are refreshing and impressive.


       The income of the Today Art Museum in 2017 was 37.87 million Yuan, so that the art museum can maintain a relatively stable operation.


Wang Lei, Executive Director of the Parkview Museum of Singapore


       Wang Lei introduced the international and public interest exhibition projects of the Parkview Museum. The world tour exhibition of Sharks and Humans has been to Monaco, Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.


"Sharks and Humans" exhibition, Wang Luyan: "Being downward to the Upper body", material: floating ordinary rigid size: 370×258×8340cm


Poster for the Artist's Voice exhibition


The Artist's Voice exhibition


       The Parkview Museum is located in Singapore, but with a Chinese background and a European project, it connects the art in Europe, China and Southeast Asia. The Parkview Art Museum of Singapore, although built in a short period of time, is highly efficient and has a long span, spanning the two coasts and three regions.


Director of the Yalu River Art Museum: Ji Dahai


       Director Ji Dahai introduced the experience of the Yalu River Art Museum in exploring how private art museums in marginal areas can speak effectively and how to do non-marginal exhibitions in marginal areas. This paper expounds the concept that "Annual Art Museum" is the main exhibition for only one artist every year, and the original intention of naming the art museum after the artist, and introduces the concept of annual exhibition from the perspective of providing new possibilities for artists in the way of art presentation. In the future, the Yalu River Art Museum will pay more attention to the planning of international contemporary art projects in Northeast Asia.


Participants (from back left): Zhong Yuan, Ye Cheng, Lu Keqing, Yan Yan, Ji Dahai, Huang Du, WalingBoers, Gao Peng, Bao Dong, Sun Shiwei. Participants (from front left): Yan Feng, Liu Keyan, Zhang Wei, Zhou Ying, Wang Lei, Shen Wenxie, Kao Yunqi, Wang Luyan, Lv Wenjing


After the symposium, the guests tasted the art dinner designed by the Yalu River Branch of the Academy of Taste Masters.

Dinner fishing ceremony


The Yalu River Art Museum Investor: Lu Keqing delivers a speech at dinner to welcome all the guests.​


The institute is a strategic cooperative institution of the Yalu River Art Museum. It will be committed to uniting domestic and foreign artists and art institutions, refine the relationship between food and art, and studying and improving the artistic correlation and spiritual integration of taste and vision.




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