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The art discussion that takes place on the border


The space-time of the critical boundary

——The art discussion that takes place on the border


       The concept of "critical boundary" in the Yalu River Museum not only refers to the national boundary space, but also refers to the duration of each exhibition year independent of the existing exhibition mode. Its unique concept of time and location constructs the boundary of the academic orientation of Yalu River Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. It explores its own development path in a way that does not cross the boundary of existing experience. At present, two different annual exhibition projects are being implemented in the unique space and time it constructs. The changing artistic state and creative methods of participating artists due to the annual exhibition have aroused the attention and discussion of the contemporary art world. In September this year, the Yalu River Museum celebrated its first anniversary with a forum on private art museums and a discussion on Wang Luyan's works. We have had enlightening and in-depth exchanges with the senior private art museums with their unique positioning and senior figures in the contemporary art world.


Guests (from left): Zhang Wei, WalingBoers, Nan nan, Zhou Ying, Bao Dong, Kao Yunqi, Ji Dahai, Huang Du, Shen Wenxie, Wang Luyan, Wang Lei, Gao Peng, Ye Cheng, Yan, Zhong Yuan


The " Private Art Museum--The road to Development" forum and "Wang Luyan's Works " forum are both hosted by Mr. Huang Du, a famous curator. These two discussions show the relationship between the academic positioning and operation of the art museum and the artists in a causal way, that is, the art museum was founded because of the artists and their works, and the artists and their works depend on the exhibition of the art museum.


Moderator of the forum: Huang Du

Huang Du:

       Wang Luyan's solo exhibition in the Yalu River Art Museum has surpassed all his previous exhibitions from creation to implementation. From the previous isolated state to the public, from the works to the audience and space have a mutual communication. Wang Luyan re-established his own symbol, did not stay in the isolation of individual works, but with a comprehensive, established a new spatial relationship. This relationship is related to the direction of the audience, the understanding of the audience, the strength, size, material, hard and soft of the work arrangement and other relations, which is a new method and concept of presenting the work.


Artist: Wang Luyan

Wang Luyan:

       I hope that the works on display here can raise a constant cycle of questioning, in which questioning has no foothold and can not produce anything conclusive. If the idea in the work is a conclusive thing, then it would mean that the questioning thought has ended in belief. Belief allows the artist to preach to the audience like a prophet. There is no doubt in preaching, and questioning is the foundation of thought. The problems in art are not for the audience, but for the artist, or at least for the artist and the audience.


Vertical Horizontal Material: steel, wood, latex paint, acrylic, size: 2300 x 860 x 640cm


I conceived and realized the "vertical horizontal" personal exhibition with the so-called exhibition thinking mode. The relationship between works and space, between works and works, between works and audience, and between works and the geographical context of Dandong are all factors taken into consideration in this exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition is to complete the transformation of works from independent meaning to comprehensive concept through the construction of this relationship, which is a transformation that can transcend the meaning of a work itself.


Wang Luyan, Leng Lin in the gallery on the third floor


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