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Mr. Kao Yunqi donated the large-scale installation "Sawing or be sawed" ...


Collector and Art Museum

——Collector Mr. Kao Yunqi donated the large-scale installation "Sawing or be sawed" to the Yalu River Art Museum


       In 2018, on the first anniversary of the establishment of the Yalu River Art Museum, Mr. Kao Yunqi, a famous contemporary art collector, donated his important collection, Wang Luyan's large-scale installation "Sawing or be sawed" , to the Yalu River Art Museum.

Assembled by the Yalu River in Dandong

North Korean gunboats sail past the assembly site

       The work, created in 2007, is the first representative work of Wang Luyan to be exhibited after he had disappeared from the Chinese contemporary art scene for more than a decade. In 2007, the work was exhibited as a solo exhibition in Beijing Alario and Shenzhen OCAT, attracting wide attention from the art world, and was later rated as one of the important installation works in China.



On September 28, 2018, the donation ceremony was held in the Yalu River Art Museum. Donor Kao Yunqi, artist Wang Luyan and Director Ji Dahai of the Yalu River Art Museum gave speeches respectively.


Collector: Kao Yunqi

Kao Yunqi:

       This piece is one of my favorites and has been in my collection for many years. But I have this piece, and it can't do its best. As an important exhibition venue for Wang Luyan's works, I think Yalu River Art Museum lacks such a masterpiece. The development of private art museums is not easy and needs support from all walks of life. I am willing to do my part to promote the development of private art museums in China. I think it's the best place for this piece to be, and it's my wish to share the best works of art with the public.


Artist: Wang Luyan

Wang Luyan:

       It is one of my most important works, and "Sawing or be sawed" is a clear expression of my artistic vision. This work is a representative work in my solo exhibition curated by Huang Du in Beijing Alario more than 10 years ago, and it is exhibited in the context of mainstream contemporary art in Beijing. Now this work is far away from the mainstream context and has come to the remote place of the Yalu River, the boundary river of Dandong. Because of the different context, its meaning has been changed, and here it will be re-interpreted by people. It has even become another work, reflecting the multiplicity of contemporary art. I know someone tried to buy this piece from Mr. Kao for a lot of money, but Mr. Kao didn't agree. His donation was a charitable act, which moved me very much. I am very pleased that this piece of work can be presented in such an international background in Dandong.


Director of the Yalu River Art Museum: Ji Dahai

Ji Dahai:

       Thanks to Mr. Kao Yunqi for his trust and support for the Yalu River Art Museum. Your charitable work is extremely valuable in today's utilitarian society. This is not only your love for contemporary art, but also your support for the public welfare cause of private art museums. At present, China's private art museums do not have a practical and feasible guarantee mechanism for their public property, and more importantly, they need the support of people with insight from all walks of life. Mr. Kao set a precedent for the public to support the Yalu River Art Museum. This is the first work that the Yalu River Art Museum received donations from the public, which has far-reaching significance for the development of the Yalu River Art Museum.


       The work you donated is also a powerful and influential large-scale contemporary art installation exhibited for the first time in the public space of Dandong. Your personal collection to the society, is the highest level of collectors. Perhaps it is because of your first donation. Recently, our art museum has received donations from some artists.

Donation unveiling ceremony


The guests at the ceremony


The guests at the ceremony


"Sawing or be sawed"

        One of the characteristics of contemporary art is that it has a direct relationship with society. At present, this work has become a popular tourist destination in Dandong. During the tourist season, hundreds of people come to see it every day, and people express different opinions and even argue. This is the positive social effect that a piece of contemporary art and Mr. Kao's donation should have.

Night scene



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